1850s - 1930s
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#2690 - c. 1921 Black Evening Dress of Black Silk Tulle with Complete Sequin and Beaded Bodice with Orchids! Wanna flapper dress that will amaze your friends? Or are you an orchid lover and think you just died and went to heaven to find this dress? A beauty. A body conscious black sequined bodice sprinkled with purple and lavender (with hint of green, brown and yellow) beaded orchids! And then a full-bodied black tulle skirt. Fully netted bell sleeves with black sequin design. Tulle bow at hip. Beaded diagonal hemline. In Very Good/Excellent condition.. especially for such a delicate piece. The few minor flaws are some beads missing at the hemline, one slight hemline cut, and slight browning of the netting at the bottom of the upper hemline (see photos). If you like the photos, you will love the dress! Don't expect it to be slimming on... that was not the look of the time.. the hips will look larger. Measures: up to 35" bust, 27" waist, 50" long from shoulders (but you want to be smaller than the measurements for this to fit the best). So gently wear, display or collect. Can't keep your eyes off it, can you?

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Approx. - SIZE 2/4
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#954 - c. late 1800's Men's White on White Double Breasted Vest! Excellent condition and ready for your man... now if your man is football player with a 23" neck, or really any normal sized 21st century guy... you'll have to pass on this piece. However, if you lucked out and got yourself a cute little Doug Flutie-type guy (amazing that he's a football player too!!), then you can check out this great double breasted jacquard fine cotton vest. I'd call it a size 38 S/R (I'll doublecheck that for you with my 40R man if you need me to). If you want the perfect gift for a guy who doesn't mind dressing in period garb...give him that classy white look... with a great pair of while linen pants and boater! Sexy!! Also seen in the Wedding section.

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Approx. - SIZE 38 S/R

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#3901 - c. 1930's "Carol Lombard" Romanian Peasant Embroidered Silk Blouse! Beautiful vintage 30's silk peasant top with Romanian style cross-stitch (like a pettipoint) embroidery. The embroidered is perfect and exquisite - all around the front, the cute pointed collar, the tiny cuffs and on each upper arms - all you need is a pair of wide-leg pants for that 30's casual movie star appeal! At first look, it's nearly perfect condition, however under daylight I see very light yellow underarm moisture rings. Measures: 35/36" bust, 21" long from shoulder to hem.

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Approx. - SIZE 6/8
(check measurements above)

#1442 - c. late 1800's Rare Gold Lame Brocade Evening Lace Up Boots! I call these rare since I rarely see them! And I spend all my time looking, so I guess you can call me an expert on what's plentiful and what isn't. Aren't they terrific? Have you seen any like this before?? Gold lame brocade which look darker out of the light, and lighter in the light. The condition of the boots in Great except for two things... there are really no laces (these were in them when I bought them, but they are not long enough - I'd get some great gold lame rope!) and the fact that the lame has indeed oxidized which has created small green spots here and there and then the one boot has green all at the top which also has a tiny bit of wear on the inside leather there. Now I've been told that something called CLR and/or Whink could help the oxidation, but others have said that they don't know anything that will help. I refuse to try Whink since I don't trust myself with a bottle marked "Poison... can be Fatal". Just seems I'd rather live with a little green on my boots than be dead! But perhaps that's just me!!! Bottom line here is if you can clean these, they are close to perfect and certainly museum-type look! 9.5" long from heel to toe and 2.75" at widest. Smaller than my size 6.5 foot.

$ 395.  SOLD


#2113 - c. 1905 Sensational Japan Influenced Battenberg Tape Lace Bell Sleeve JacketVERY WEARABLE SIZE!  I have owned this jacket for many years now.  Frankly I wasn't planning to sell it, but had someone asking me for a 1905 era jacket to wear for an event, and so I pulled this out.  And once out, it was crying to go to a new home!  The sublime beauty of this piece (beside the obvious) is that it can be worn by a medium size gal to a larger gal, all depending if you wear it closed as you see it, or just left open at front.  The back is plenty wide to fit a size 14/16.  The design is unique! Ecru tape lace intricately assembled with rich pearl gray and ecru patterned woven tape.  Nicely raised detail with picots and button hole stitches to the filler bars. All hand assembled.  Large bell sleeves. Excellent condition with extreme minor leg breaks.  Measures:  34 - 40" bust, 33" long from shoulder to hem.   

$ 2,395.  SOLD

Approx. - SIZE 6 - 14/16
(check measurements above)

#2634 - c. 1905 Royal Purple Silk Velvet Winter Jacket with Black Braided Trim! LARGE WEARABLE SIZE! If you are like me, purple is your favorite color to wear (I think it makes everyone look royal - however my Red haired mother won't go NEAR purple - so I guess it's not for everyone). So anyway, I buy every antique piece I can find in purple. This is a winter coat or jacket. Very heavy, fully lined in an off white silk, Excellent condition! Nice moderately puffed sleeves, slight swing back. If you are an owner of a very early motorcar, this would be the perfect jacket to wear with your goggles and motorhat!! LARGE size with up to 50" bust, 39" long from shoulders, 22" around upper sleeve/arms. The only slight wear is inside the cuff lining. For those of you who hate to keep seeing Size 0's and Size 2's on my website... this is for you!

$ 435. SOLD

Approx. - SIZE 14/16+
(check measurements above)

#1137 - c. 1870-1890 Amazing Mechanical Italian Paper Painted Fan with Mirror! Paper fans don't get any better than this! A very similar fan is listed in a fancy Italian book called "Ventagli Italiani" published in 1990 by Marsilio Editori. The book is actually the catalogue of an exhibition which took place in Florence at the Palazzo Pitti (that's the Pitti Palace for us Americans) from Sept 21 - Nov 15, 1990. All the information from the book is written in Italian, but the gist is that this fan was a souvenir fan from the late 1800's. I can figure out the words "decorata" yes, it's decorated; "meccanismo di apertura" yes, it opens mechanically; "legno d'olivo" and "oveale molato" which I believe is olive wood and oval mirror. Anyway, you can see the photos of there fan at the bottom of the page of the photos of My fan. Condition is Terrific for this age paper fan. Mechanics are good as new! The painting is slightly worn (as it the painting on the exhibition fan). The mirror is in tact. The original tassels are on. The painting of the bird on the otherside of the closed fan is great. How it works... you pull on the tassel at the top and the fan spreads out open.. to close, you push down on the top tassel and it folds up into the wood. FABULOUS! Don't miss out. Fan prices are climbing especially advertising and perhaps souvenir fans aren't far behind!

$ 245. SOLD

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