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Deborah Burke
PO Box 3535
Stamford, CT 06905
E-mail:  antiquedress@hotmail.com
E-mail:  antiquedress@yahoo.com 

Phone: 203-351-0639 (between 10 AM and 7 PM Eastern Standard Time ONLY! - otherwise use E-mail!)


ORDERING: If you are interested in ordering an item(s), or need more information, you may:

1) E-mail: antiquedress@hotmail.com, or antiquedress@yahoo.com. We will contact you back with availability and total cost.

Call: Deborah Burke at 203-351-0639 (between 10 AM and 7 PM Eastern Standard Time ONLY! - otherwise PLEASE use E-mail!)

NOTE: On all items, we work on a first come, first serve basis. Please contact me to make sure the item is still available. Items will only be put on HOLD/RESERVE if you agree to purchase. I will then give you the total amount due (price + shipping). The item will be HELD for 5 days (7 days for international sales) to await payment by mail. If the amount due is not received during that time, or you haven't contacted me to explain delay, the item will be made available to others.

PAYMENT: You may pay by to antiquedress@hotmail.com, or You may pay by Credit Card (VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER) , or You may pay by check, cashier's check or money order, made out to: DEBORAH BURKE. Please send to your order to the address listed above. ALL CHECKS MUST CLEAR PRIOR TO SHIPMENT. Items will be shipped as soon as possible after receipt of payment.

SHIPPING: Items will be sent via US PRIORITY MAIL - Buyer pays shipping charges. All items will be sent insured mail. Shipping costs (not to exceed, and may be less depending on your Postal Zone) in the STATES are:

Item Cost Shipping /Insurance /Confirm Delivery fee
$1- $100 $ 10.00
$101 - $200 $ 14.00
$201 - $500 $ 18.00
$501 - $900 $ 25.00
Over $900 $ 25.00+ (per insured amount)

Some extremely heavy beaded items or large boxes may necessitate a small delivery surcharge. I will let you know when we discuss item availability. International shipping via EXPRESS MAIL costs will be quoted when we discuss item availability.

All credit card sales will be shipped to the credit card billing address. This is for YOUR security!


• NO RETURNS/REFUNDS on any items under $150.

NO RETURNS/REFUNDS on ANY Layaway payments or items (that means anything held for more than 7 days for full payment).
NO RETURNS/REFUNDS on ANY INTERNATIONAL Sales, due to customs costs - So Sorry!!
A 3% FEE will be paid by customer on ALL RETURNED items if purchased by Credit Card or PAYPAL (see Credit Card / Paypal Purchase Returns info below).

REFUNDS: For all other items, a full refund will be made, less shipping and/or credit card charges, on all items found unsuitable. For a refund you MUST E-mail me within 2 DAYS of confirmed post office delivery date to let me know that item is being returned, and then you must mail back within 3 DAYS of delivery date as well. If I do not hear from you within 2 DAYS from CONFIRMED POST OFFICE DELIVERY DATE TO YOU (or 5 days from Postal Delivery Attempt - whichever is sooner), the item is ASSUMED SOLD and no refunds will be issued. All returns MUST be mailed back via priority mail, with Delivery Confirmation and Insured for full cost. Items must be returned in the SAME CONDITION as when received.

LAYAWAYS: NO RETURNS/REFUNDS on ANY Layaway payments or items (that means anything held for more than 7 days for full payment).

No layaway
offered for items UNDER $150.
All layaways on items UNDER $750 must be paid off within 3 months of initial order date.
All layaways on items OVER $750 must be paid off within 4 months of initial order date.
• NOTE: If items are not claimed within these timeframes, they will be offered again for sale.

CREDIT CARD / PAYPAL PURCHASE RETURNS: Any items purchased by credit card or PAYPAL and returned will be charged a 3% fee. (I cover the credit card and PAYPAL fees for purchases, but require you to pay those fees if item is returned.) NOTE: I DO NOT CHARGE A RESTOCKING FEE!

SALES TAX: Applicable state sales tax for used clothing, if any, will be added to shipments in Massachusetts.

NOTE: Many items are fragile due to their age, so be very aware when handling. No exceptions to the same condition requirements. Sorry. Please e-mail me first if you will be returning item so I can expect it.

DAMAGED GOODS: All items are inspected thoroughly prior to shipping, so any damage other than as described on the web site must be claimed by the buyer against the carrier.

CONDITION: Although I'm very PICKY about condition.... PLEASE UNDERSTAND that I sell "USED" clothing. Very few items will be MINT CONDITION. If you don't appreciate the difference, Please don't buy used clothing. Items are described via the following rating scale:

I will describe everything in detail as to condition, but these ratings should be helpful.

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I've been a collector of antique clothing for over 25 years, and I have finally, officially run out of storage space. At this point, I either have to let some pieces from my collection go, or build a larger house (and believe me, it's been a tough choice!). Certain quality items will remain in my collection but I will be featuring some of my extraordinary items in the Museum Collection on this web site.

Over the years, I have dealt with many individuals in this antique clothing hobby, and all have been extraordinarily honest and knowledgeable. I trust that cyberspace will introduce me to similar individuals.

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