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#3737 - c. 1891 Wool Soutache Jacket! Black soutache over beige or light tan wool jacket. One of the most thrilling display pieces you can own! Very small size.. probably too small to wear for most. And not in perfect condition.. some tiny moth holes here and there, arm seams that are hand-sewn (which could be better), and lining issues, but the look!!! Oh baby.... will make you wish you could go back in time to wear such amazing works of art! This is the kind of piece you will want to display, or just spend hours looking at! Light tan color wool with black soutache all over front and back. High puffy sleeves. Slight "bustle" at back. You can see one of the largest moth holes at the mid-back (not all that bad as you can see). The soutache itself is in excellent condition.

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study



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