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# 7603 - vintage Cotton Gauze Embroidered Peasant Dress!   These dresses are known by quite a few different names:  Peasant, folk, Hungarian, Czech, Bohemian, Boho, Embroidered, Smocked, Gauze, Ethnic, Flapper, Gatsby... I could go one... but whatever you call them, they are, as always, the perfect summer dress to wear to just about anywhere for anything.  Just make sure you remember to wear a slip under, as they are slightly sheer! I wish I could date this more accurately than just calling it vintage, but these dresses have been popular ever since the 1920s!  I don't think it's as old as the 20s, but it's not one of the newer repros either... from the snaps on the size, I'd figure it to be mid-Century era.  Anyway...   This dress has two fabulously unique features... the sleeves are wide flutter rather than the usual elastic puff, and the upper back has an interesting white-on-white crossed pattern which I've not seen before.  Measures:  up to 44" bust, up to 36" waist, up to 42" hips.  As this is meant to be worn blouson style, it can be worn by a smaller gal... still the embroidered smocking at the waist isn't all that stretchy, so I would go with sizes 8-12. 

$ 365.   SOLD