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#7406 - c. 1954 Worn in the Movie "DESIREE" Ivory and Gold "Regency" or "Jane Austen" Trained Appliqued Braid, Sequins and Lace Gown!  LOGAN COSTUME Company!  Photos are now up for this  exceptional ivory satin embroidered trained gowns in the Regency or Jane Austen style that so many brides love! This is a vintage Hollywood movie memorabilia gown, so it will have "costume" detailing... but if you love the movie, "Desiree" as much as I do, getting married in one of the screen worn original gowns is a dream come true! These were worn by Napoleon's (Marlon Brando) sisters during the Coronation scene.. you know, when Napoleon grabbed the crown from the Pope (of all people!) and crowned himself Emperor! :) Oh, by the way, Brando's Napoleon costume from "Desiree" sold for $73,800!!!  This gown is embroidered with gold bees.  Here's the history:  Napoleon was vested in a long white satin tunic embroidered in gold thread and Josephine similarly wore a white satin empire style dress embroidered in gold thread.  The coronation mantle was covered with embroidered golden bees which is a symbol of immortality and resurrection.  Napoleon adopted his own version of the bee as a symbol for his reign to link the new dynasty to the very origins of France.   The bee was considered the oldest emblem of the sovereigns of France.  In addition to the bees, this gown is embroidered with olive branches.   The gown is trimmed in wide ecru lace and embellished with sequins as well.   The extreme high empire waist is so high that it's more like no waist. Most of the embroidery is on the front of the gown, but the shape of the back and the train is lovely as well.  There is a finger loop to hold up the train for dancing.  Very good condition.  Remember, this was a movie worn costume.  As you will see from the photos, there was a old professional repair to one sleeve.  There are very minor discolorations/spots here and there hardly worth mentioning.   Measures: 35/36" bust,  55" long in front from shoulder to hem, 71" long in back. 

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study