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#7282 - c. 1980's ENZO of ROMA, Made in Italy Dalmatian Dog Shoes! Wouldn't Cruella DeVille (from Disney's 1001 Dalmatians) just love these?? These are the 8th animal I've found from Enzo of Roma (so far I found Bunnies, Mice, Cows, Fox, Elephants, Kitty Cats, and Leopards)!  I have no idea how many animal designs they had, but I adore them! Beautifully made.  They all have 3-dimentional features, many with wire whiskers.  These with 3-D ears in addition. Oh, and don't miss the sweet black nose in the shape of a heart!  Just so you know how exclusive Enzo of Roma was... at their Rome shop, they had personal shoe lasts of private customers including Princess Caroline of Monaco, Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn.  Some day I hope I'll find a photo of Audrey wearing one of these shoes!!! White leather shoes with black and red leather trim.  Very good condition with usual vintage wear. Nothing of importance to report... just a bit "smushed", but once worn you won't really know. Size labeled 36, so best for US Size 5.5 - 6

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display