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#6149 - c. 1961 RARE MASERATI, Bologna, Italy Embroidered Warp-Printed Purple Taffeta and Black Satin Shoes! Apparently made by the same family that builds, yes... Maserati cars! Beautifully made inside and out!  Perhaps I haven't looked at enough expensive shoes, but really I am in awe of the interior sole with the pierced scalloped edging!  I mean heck... no body sees that, and yet, they spent the time and effort making it beautiful!  And then the sole - looks to be hand stitched and again, with extra special detailing - just what you'd expect from the name "Maserati"!  I can't find any information on the Maserati clothing line (other than the clothing with the logos on them), so I'm assuming these are as rare as I think they are! Excellent condition though the fabric looks to have bled  - I think.  Or perhaps they were meant to have that look?  Measure: 9 1/2" long x 2 5/8" wide, 3" heel.  Labeled 7AA. Approx. - SIZE 7AA

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display