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#6145 - c. 1944 Saks Fifth Avenue Platform Resort Sandals in Printed Roses Fabric!  Eureka!  How's this for a find? :)  Think Carmen Miranda! The year was 1944, WWII was on, and fabric and leather was in demand for the war effort, so... fashion was required to innovate... and innovate they did creating eye-catching accessories, hats and shoes!  Check out the soles of these huge platforms... it's grasslike... one of those strange compositions devised to conserve leather making it compatible with the wartime "L-85" conservation regulations.  Basically the 1942 regulation rationed natural fibers and forbade drastic style changes in clothing that might tempt buyers... so women were offered limited color choices and restricted the amount of cloth used in clothing - even cuffs were banned! However woman was still expected to "look good" for the military men (yeah, I know, it was a different time!), so... they figured out how! Penciled in lines on back of their bare legs to look like seamed stockings! And used synthetic fabrics and interesting accessories.  OK.. now that you are in the mindset of the era... check out these babies! Peep toes, ankle straps, nearly 2" platform, wild red roses, black and off-white rayon fabric print. Very heavy, weighty Killer shoes! Excellent condition with just minor darkening at underside of connection points - likely from oozing of glue. Very minor issue!  I give the measurements as people ask, but they don't mean anything!  Measures: 9 1/4" long x 3" wide, 4 1/2" heels, 1 3/4" platform!  Approx. - SIZE 7-8

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display