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#6139 - c. 1971 CAROLINE EAVIS and ANNA CROSBY-BROWN (Of  Eavis & Brown) Dusty Rose Suede Jumper Previously Owned by Natalie Wood! Sold at Miss Selfridge, London!  Eavis & Brown of London (as they are now known) seemed an overnight sensation (to us in America) when they designed Heather Mills' wedding gown for her marriage to Paul McCartney.  Said to cost over $35,000, there was certainly a lot of hoopla surrounding it!  But this leather and suede appliqued dusty rose pig suede jumper proves it takes decades to become "an overnight sensation"!  Cornflower blue, fuschia and eggplant colored leathers appliqued with and pink, rose, tan and gray colored suede on a dusty rose suede base. Fully lined in acetate.  Excellent condition. This jumper comes with a signed COA from Zsa-Zsa's Closet, Glendale, CA that is was owned by the fabulous Natalie Wood! I have no absolute documentation, ie. no photos of Natalie in this, so it's not absolutely guaranteed, but it's a damn good bet!  Natalie's style, her size, the right era, and here's the best piece of trivia... Natalie's actress sister, Lana Wood, was cast in a minor role in "Diamonds are Forever" filming in London in 1971!  So... I'm assuming Natalie went to visit her sister there and did a little shopping!  :)  I'd be willing to stake my reputation that this is indeed a Natalie Wood owned piece. So it is a museum piece of London's fashion history as well as Hollywood memorabilia piece! Measures: open bust, 24" waist, 35/36" hips, 24-27" long from waist to hem. Natalie Wood items are scarce! NEW LISTING!

ITEM #6139
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