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#2441 - c. 1980's MOSCHINO COUTURE (ITALY) Signature Gown! This same dress was sold at Doyle's Couture Auction in NYC for $1556! So for all you collectors out there, nearly double your money.. or let this appreciate... or, purchase to wear for a totally confident woman! If you ever wanted to walk into a room and have everyone talking about you... trust me... this gown will do the trick. Simple long sheath of thin dark navy faille with the letter emblazoned down the front in gold sequins. The "V" obviously creates the "v" neck... and shows as much cleavage as you can push up! Very lightweight gown. Measures: 32/33" bust, up to 27" waist, 35" hips, 54" long from shoulders. I had trouble getting it on the size 6 mannequin. Just seems the perfect gown to reflect the decadence of the 80s "ME" decade in one glitzy statement.

$ 785. SOLD

Approx. - SIZE 2/4
(check measurements above)


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