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#1009 - c. 1900 Gold Lame Fancy Dress Boots!  I've had these gold lame boots in my personal collection for many years, but it's time to let them enjoy the limelight on my website!  Since half of my job is to just let my customers and viewers enjoy seeing the beautiful items I've been lucky enough to find over the last 35 years of collecting.  As you can see, even the interior is nice and clean! :)  I'm frankly not sure if the laces are original or not.  They are a braided gold lame that look perfect, so nothing to worry your pretty little head about.  There is some minor tarnishing of the lame mostly around the heel area of both boots, but all in all still quite bright. I call them gold lame, but it's like a silver/gold color... not a very yellow gold.  Good soles.   Measures: 10" long x 2.5" wide, 2" heels, 9.5" high. I can't get my foot in them, so I don't want to push it.  So I can't tell you if they will fit you unless you have a small, thin foot.  Really these are best for display, but strong enough to wear if you must!  Gorgeous and quite hard to find!!!

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display