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- RARE c. 1900
Beer Designer - 7 Place Vendome, Paris Label - Silk Taffeta Evening Gown with Extraordinary Ribbon Detailing and Lace! Yes, it IS exquisite. No it's not perfect. Yes, it still is a museum quality piece. Take a look at the intricate floral pattern down the front of the dress and at the shoulders... this is created by hand pleating and tucking ribbons! And then the beautiful hemline of tiny pleating! Now the history I have of Beer is that he began in 1884 as a designer of fans and parasols. Story goes that one of his customers asked him to design a gown to go with her Beer accessories and the rest is history. He is known for dainty, frilly, "valentine box" looking gowns (I love that description!). Now for the bad news on this gown... silk taffeta is one of those materials that doesn't hold up well. That's why you don't see alot of them! It's a Work of Art!!
SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study