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#6854 - c. 1923/1924 RARE Deco Flapper Beaded Cloche or Flapper Headpiece (for you Google Searchers!)!  My website groupies know that I scour the world for you (my customers)... and my personal favorites are fancy flapper headpieces!!!   I'm often asked what I would collect myself... well this is it! I've got a weakness for these.  Really... my knees go weak when I see the great ones like this!  Full black net cap fully ornamented with gold floss braid, silver and clear beading, and a few great pastel colored beads all in a fabulous deco design.  Complete with long dangle beaded fringe at both sides!!  Awesome!! Certainly has that Egyptian feel that was all the rage after King Tut's tomb was discovered in November, 1922 - AND this is still a large size which means it was used by a girl who hadn't yet cut off her hair to the fashionable, but still controversial short bob... so she had lots of "Edwardian hair" to pin up to fit under this.  Check out the photos... I've pulled out the back so you can see just how large this is!  Yet, it will fall nicely even without the excess hair.  Excellent condition.  Hard to find any issues other than the slight oxidation of the inside of the clear beading... which is normal for this age and frankly looks fab!  For your flapper headpiece collection... or to start your collection... one of the best!

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display