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#6695 - c. 1920's Boudoir Cloche Cap of Lace with Light Yellow Silk Ribbons I sold a few of these a few months ago and it was like a feeding frenzy!  I had many customers emailing me asking to purchase, but obviously I couldn't manufacture them in my backyard, so many customers went away unhappy... so... again, for those of you who were in line for the others....   This one is one of the best I've seen!  Gorgeous and in near perfect condition with just some tearing of the ends of the hanging silk ribbons. Love the cutouts in the lace allowing the ribbons to show!  Ooh and then there are the tiny graduated multicolored rosebuds, the bows at the sides and just the general all over look of this piece! It's even a fairly large size... you are seeing it on my larger mannequin head, of about 23"... so it was made to fit over pinned up hair.  Because it's lace, it's still delicate, so please be careful if wearing it... but it's not overly fragile.  A beautiful display piece!!!

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display