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#6672 - c. 1893 ALMA E. Keith, San Francisco Purple Velvet Bonnet with Auroraborealis Beads and Black Ostrich Feathers!  Another one of my favorites of the Victorian bonnets in this Museum collection.  I think it must be my royal blood (yeah, right!) that I gravitate to royal purple velvets.  Perhaps that's also why I crave the crown jewels?? :)   You don't have to be royalty to own this lovely bonnet.  Check out the back with the black velvet bow at the three ostrich feathers!  And the phenomenal blue/purple auroraborealis wired beaded "tiara" on the front of the bonnet!  Fabulous!!  Ties with black velvet ribbon.  Excellent condition except for the label which is torn under.  Barely worth mentioning! To be worn on top of head, so size isn't an issue.

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display