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#6579 - c. 1945 WWII JEAN PATOU, Paris Pillbox Greige Jersey with Goose Feathers!  This particular hat comes with a verbal history that it was purchased, and sent home to the US by a G.I. after the liberation of Paris, but before the war was officially over! The hat is adorned with goose feathers, so the speculation is that since it was made in the midst of wartime privations, the milliner probably had the goose for dinner and then made a hat from it the next morning!  :)  Just a little humor!  Anyway, you can just imagine the stylish woman who was lucky enough to have this hat arrive in the mail from Paris... and just how envious her acquaintances must have been!  The hat is in excellent condition - even with the original matching hat pins attached.

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display