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#6463 - c. 1845 Ivory Soutache on Satin and Brocade Ribbon Wedding Bonnet! For those of you who have a wedding collection, or a hat collection, this is one of those pieces that you have probably been seeking for years. You can stop salivating now!  Excellent condition with one small tear in the back curtain (see last photo).  The interior has no lining.... though I have no idea if it originally did or didn't.  There is a strange inked number on interior brim which I was informed is the museum inventory system.  Crazy!  You'd think they could find a better way to tag their items.  However, It's possible flowers would have adorned the interior brim which would have covered that inking.  Basically the exterior is Excellent condition. Even the ties are original as part of the brocade ribbon.

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display