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#6450 - c. 1916 Butterfly Angelic Dressing Gown Robe! Undeniably one of the most extraordinary dressing gowns from the WWII era! I had a hard time trying to date this gown... it's in near MINT condition with extremely strong fabric and laces.  You think it's likely newer than 1916, but nothing else fits the style and shape, and certainly the only label in the gown at mid-back that reads "back centre" is older type and the older of European spelling of "centre".  The gown is a confection of pure cream color silk (?) and gold metallic trims. There is an inner skirt with tiny pleated hem and an overskirt of net with lace and gold metallic embellishments. The bodice has metallic stitching in a quilted pattern and gold accented laces around the neckline and down the front.  It buttons up the front.   Measures:  34" bust, 25/26" high-ish waist, 26.5" ribcage, 56" long from shoulder to hem.  Another way of dating this gown is for the length... which is fairly short, which was the "new" just-above-ankle length from the mid-teens.  If you are 5'2" to 5'4" it will be close to the floor as you see.  If you are taller, it would be worn at the more era correct length. I am at a bit of a loss confirming that the fabric is silk as it's just in too good a condition, so it's possible this is a very early "artificial silk" later named rayon.  It's a fabulous material, soft as silk, but strong as rayon!!   

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study