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#6422 - c. 1920's  Goldtone Metal Flapper Deco Headpiece with Enamel Drops and Faux Pearls!  In my years of collecting, I've actually sold three of these, so I'm assuming they they were quite popular in the 20's.  Probably was the "must have" of the era... kind of like the Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress of the 1970s.  Either that, or I keep buying back the same one piece over and over again!  Gosh, I hope not! Too embarrassing!!  No, I think my first assessment is accurate (and even if it isn't I'm stickin' to it!).  Even though I've had a few, I seek them out and I have to tell you, they are getting MUCH harder to find!!  So if you want one... don't hesitate.  I might be running out of "flapper headpiece luck".  Adjustable slightly hammered goldtone metal bands at the top to fit anyone.  Green enamel drops at the bottom of the deco design earpieces and faux peals draped from the movable bar. ... so they shimmy when you Charleston.  The perfect accessory for your next 1920's dressup. The three headpieces fold into each other for easy packing.  The earpieces have a bit darker patina than the headpieces and the overall patina is darker and less shiny than it looks in the photos (under bright lights). Enamel is in mint condition which is rare. Excellent condition. Can be slightly bent by hand to match your headshape (I know because I tried it! :)  It was a bit large, so I squeezed it gently and now it fits me great... so if you have a normal head size, it's ready for you!  

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display