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#6363 - c. 1943 GENUINE PANAMA Hat!  Panamas are the classic hot sunny weather hat, given their status back in 1855 when they were showcased at the universal show in Paris. It was at moment that they became the defining fashion accessory for the elite, worn by world leaders from Napoleon III through Teddy Roosevelt to Kruschev.  They were immortalized by the great movies of the 1940's. And this is one you might have actually seen on the silver screen! From 1943, this is a classic!  And damn what a fabulous shape!!  Huge, wide floppy-looking brim without being floppy - will keep shape!!!  Made of the finest toquilla straw fiber, handwoven in "South America" - which means Ecuador where all genuine Panama hats are, and always have been made. Only ornament is the large golden mustard colored (probably a bit lighter than the photos - depends on your computer screen) grosgrain ribbon around crown. Excellent condition, with just a hint of old dust spots on brim.  I noticed a bit of a smell from it after being cooped up in a box, which (according to the Panama hat websites) is the mild smell of sulphur and straw which reflects its origins and the rituals of making it!  See what I learn! :)  Thank god for Google! :) Measures: 14" x 15.5" x 4.5" high.  

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display