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#6359 - c. 1893 Plum Velvet with Velvet Ribbon, Aigrette Feathers and Pansies!  If my Victorian mannequin head gal had hair (she's nearly bald, poor baby!), I would have used her for this hat - as it doesn't quite mesh with the 1930's mannequin face... so just imagine this hat with an elaborate Victorian gown! A superb plum colored silk velvet hat overlaid with appliqued net of scallops and velvet crescent moons, trimmed with tall velvet ribbon and gorgeous real-looking velvet pansies with a small plum colored aigrette feather. Just an awesome hat! Measures:  6" x 8" oval  and the plume rises about 9" high. Excellent condition with just the most minor wear at very edges of velvet. 

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display