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#6298 - c. 1922 Richardson's, Buffalo Large Dark Leghorn Handwoven Straw Picture Hat Teeming with Cascading Silk and Velvet Fruits, Grapes and Figs!  One of the Best! Completely Original!  Even looks great on as you can see.  The braiding of the fine leghorn straw is fabulously done with two centers at top and is absolutely hand-braided.  The shape immediately evokes the early 1920s with that wide shape and rounded crown.  There is a 2-tone blue ribbon of half silk and half velvet that surrounds the hat and even decorates the under brim as well. Excellent condition with only extremely, extremely slight crushing marks (not misshapen).  Really the only condition issue of any importance is that the very edge of the hat (originally silk ribbon) is all frayed. But for a hat of this quality, it's a minor issue which COULD be replaced by a hatmaker.  This hat could be one of the highlights of your collection. Measures: 17" x 15", 22" inside circumference. Fits a normal sized head easily... perhaps if anything it's a bit on the large size.