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#6180 - c. 1963-1965 EDDIE MURPHY's Silver Sharkskin Suit Worn in the 2006 Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Hudson Movie "Dreamgirls"! James "Thunder" Early's (Eddie Murphy) silver sharkskin suit with black collared jacket.  Matching pants with black tux stripe, flat front pants.  Great paisley lining. Obviously screenworn (as you can see in the photos). Comes with the original costume department wardrobe tag.  Comes with COA from the Production company.  Eddie Murphy is one tiny guy!  Measures:  31" waist!  How long's it been since YOUR guy had a 31" waist?? :) OK... I just measured the waist again, and perhaps it's more like a 32"... but still!!!  I can't tell you if the jacket is a 36 or 38 or what.   I have no man that size to try it on for you (which is really the only way to be sure!), but here are all the measurements.  First the pants... the inseam is 31.5" long (there is an extra 1.5" in the hem of the pants to make longer if necessary).  The jacket sleeve measures 36" long from middle of back of neck across the shoulder to the end of the sleeve on the outside, and  measures 18.5" from underarm to end of sleeve.  Across the shoulders from seam to seam is 18".  It's 17.25" across the back between the shoulder blades (remember, this era was MEANT to be worn TIGHT, so it won't be roomy on purpose!!).  28.5" long from neck to bottom at back. And if you lay the jacket out flat, it measures 21" across the chest area. Enough? Excellent, near Mint condition.  Approx. - SIZE Men's 31" waist, 36 Jacket (?

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study