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#6093 - c. 1950's Saks Fifth Avenue Black Velvet "Gaucho" Hat!  One of my favorites!  Geez I seem to say that a lot! :) Since I only buy what I personally like, when I check out my website, I find I want to buy EVERYTHING on this website... and then I have to remember that I already own them! I guess I feel like I don't own them as they are only temporarily in my possession.  I'm just the go-between.  Anyway... enough of my ranting....   This is a black velvet hat in a "gaucho" style.  Flat large brim, matching bow with long streamers at the side and then that great underchin ribbon - barely used to hold on the head, but can be used to to "wear" the hat around your neck, hanging down the back. Perfect.   

$ 425. SOLD