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#5900 - c. 1947 RARE EVE TARTAR Original Ruby Velvet Hat with Silk Flowers!  You may know Eve Tartar from her book published in 1950, "How to Design and Make Your Own Hats!" Born in 1910, passed away in 2000.  A quick bio:  Her father committed suicide in 1925, and Eve's mother "told me I was a designer and sent me to NYC to find work." She found a job at a posh milliner shop on Park Ave, but soon after the stock market crashed and the society clientele went with it.  For the next 30 years, Eve worked her way up the NY fashion scene and in 1947, Eve was the first American designer to present a collection in Paris!!! Meanwhile, Eve became a known artist and painter, as well as designed costumes for the NY theater.   I haven't seen many other of these hats, so I call it Rare!  Check out the Newspaper article from Nov 17, 1947 re: Eve in Paris which pretty much shows this "bonnet" style, as an inspired original adaptation of an original Paulette hat. Eve seemed to use lots of these large oversized flowers on her creations (see additional photos).  OK, so now for THIS hat... sadly it's not in great condition.  It's tired, has some wear at the edges of the velvet, the flowers are stained and tired and broken in places (one bud and extra stem that have broken off will be included). Sorry but that's the story.  I prefer to sell items in great condition....  So... rather than costing over $1000 if pristine, it's $245!  That should allow you some money to restore if you want for museum display.  OR if you just can't believe your good luck in finding an original Eve Tartar that you can afford.... well, then this is your lucky day!!  

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display