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#5870 - c. 1885 RARE Fancy Edge Straw "Gable Bonnet" Trimmed in Bottle Green Velvet with Velvet Flowers!  Reading through Susan Langley's "Vintage Hats and Bonnets: 1770-1970" (everyone should have this book in your vintage library!) I see a photo of a hat shape that is very similar, and it states:  "Advertisement for the 'Carbalosa, The Latest Craze in Spring and Summer Hats' c. 1885.  These hats resemble the conquistador helmets of the Renaissance."  Ms. Langley goes on to write:  "These popular gable bonnets are extremely scarce today; they mirror the lines of the conquistadors’ helmets as well as the ladies’s English gable hoods worn during the Renaissance."  So.. don't listen to me... listen to the antique hat expert, Susan Langley! Now, for you purists, this bonnet was re-lined and possibly re-decorated, but whoever did it was equally an expert.  I've seen some modern redesigned hats that just make you want to scream, but this looks as perfect as it should to the era and with the correct materials.  Excellent, near mint condition.  Gorgeous decorative straw edging, and VERY interesting "seam" at the sides of the bonnet!  Don't miss out on this one!!!  NOTE:  The etching photo is from Susan Langley's book.    

$ 895. SOLD

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display