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#5480 - RARE c. 1840's Black Striped Silk and Pink Quilted Silk Soft Bonnet with Original Attached Red Hair Curls!! Wow! I seem to have a fascination with antique wigs and hairpieces.  Can't explain it, but I'm assuming I'm not the only one.  This silk soft long lappets bonnet from the 1840s has the original attached side curls for a REDHEAD!!! Please take a look at all the other photos so you can see all the details.  Really in excellent condition except for the small area of holes at the back (from weakness of the silk at the fold), but otherwise it's still quite strong and in great condition! I'm sure the interior pink quilted silk has faded over time, but it's still pink! This is certainly a museum quality piece. 

SOLD - But on Display for Research/Study