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#5190  - c. 1910 Gigantic Straw Edwardian Hat!! Original Trimmings of Ostrich Feathers, Silk Flowers and Full White Real Bird! 
One of the largest hats I've ever had!  So rare that these survived due to the size, as they were certainly hard to store for 100 years. I've placed this on my largest head mannequin, and it's too large for her, so this is meant for a large headed woman, or someone with loads of hair which would have been stuffed into the crown .  The base of the hat is a natural straw.  The trimmings are golds, purples, pinks colored silk flowers with brown, taupe, black and off-white ostrich feathers.  Measures:  23" x 21" x 10" high!!!!!! Condition you ask? Well, it's in great condition for what it is, but the straw has been "smushed" a bit, so in a perfect world, the buyer will figure out how to steam this back to nearly perfect exterior.  The interior as you can see, most of the silk is gone... and it shows the original wire frame.  Still a remarkable piece with full stuffed real white bird with glass eyes!    

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display