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Paris Hilton at the London ITV awards wearing an amazing dress designed by Isabell Kristensen.
This dress has thousands of hand-sewn Swarovski crystals, took 2 months to create and weighs 22 lbs!

#5079 - c. 1990's ISABELL KRISTENSEN, London Pink Silk Satin Dress with Glamorous Sheer Overcoat! This dress and coat came to me directly from the original owner who had this made specifically for her by Isabell Kristensen! So it is, indeed, HAUTE COUTURE.  Ms. Kristensen has dressed Nicole Kidman, Shania Twain, Ivanka Trump, Liza Minnelli, Katy Perry, Paris Hilton... and now you! As I read online, "Her unique and extravagant creations have remained synonymous throughout the fashion industry, reflecting true glamour worthy of the Red Carpet."  I got a few of her pieces from this owner... but I have to say this is my favorite!  Candy pink silk striped simple tank dress with glamorous sheer striped swing overcoat!  Rhinestone at neckline and cuffs.  The collar is plastic wired to sit down or stand up (the plastic wires can be removed - or sewn in to stay). Excellent condition with just one issue of a tiny hole and one pinhole at bottom of coat near back (see photos). Just seen when inspecting. Otherwise, it barely looks like it was ever worn!  Measures: 34/35" bust, up to 28" waist, up to 37" hips, 34" long dress from shoulder to hem, 41" long coat, 123" swing hemline of coat.  

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display