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#4994 - c. 1926 Exceptional Museum Quality Navy Silk Beaded Afternoon Dress! I normally only like to sell fancy clothes, which usually means evening or party clothes.  But on occasion comes an incredible afternoon dress or suit that just knocks my socks off. Not an easy thing to do.... imagine the explosion you would need to blow off your socks! :)  There are unfortunately no labels in this dress, but it is without a doubt a grand designer couture garment.  I'm sure with enough searching through old fashion magazines, you might be able to determine the designer , without a doubt European. According to family history, the lady who wore this lived in Italy for many years and purchased the dress there. The elaborate beading is some of the finest I've seen... teeny seed beads (check out size next to tape measure in photo) in various colors with coral being predominate hue.  The medallions of powder beads are particularly impressive, as is the mini-pleated 3-tiered front skirt. Even the one cracked glass button is perfection. Bolero effect (attached) of bodice over sheer sleeveless chiffon under. Excellent condition with just one tiny hole in upper sheer chiffon sleeve, and minor seam opening at sleeve (easy fix) and hard to see very minor spots. I called it "near mint" upon first look. Measures: 43" long from shoulder to hem. Side bow will allow for various fits.  

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display