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#4848 - c. 1887 EMILE PINGAT, Paris Red Bengaline Mantle Dripping with Black Jet Beading!  As you may know, Pingat was know for his elaborate surface decoration ... and often relied on beading to make his pieces stand out... and that is what this mantle is all about! A fairly basic red bengaline mantle... waist length in back and nearly knee length at front.  And just like a cape, it just wraps around the arms, but there is also an extra length of material at the front of the sleeve. OK.. that's the basics.  Now comes the fancy black jet beading passementerie.  Large spiral circles cover front and back and around bottom.  Oh, and then... the incredible jet black beaded fringe!!  Short in back, and extremely long in front!  The collar frill is of horsehair lace (with some fading into red at the back of the lace).  Basically excellent condition  "as is", that means that there are a few issues... the fact that the lining is gone, but label remains.  Most all of the beading in intact including most all of the long heavy jet bead fringe, however you can see that the thread holding on all the beads has turned to brown. A showpiece for the woman who wore it.  Especially in RED!  Hmmmm.... a high-priced woman of the evening perhaps??  Getting Parisian designer goods from her "customers"?  Hmmmmm. :)  

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display