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#4801 - c. 1890  P.D. Original Lady's Black Satin Corset! - Made in Belgium!  Black cotton satin corset with brown flossing and trim with black floral embroidery.  Highly desirable overbust hourglass shape in sexy black! I should have stuffed the hips a bit more to show the true shape (you can see there is room to fill from the waves seen in the photo at the bottom of the corset).  New corsets of similar quality reproduced today will cost nearly as much! Heavily stayed, accented at the top with floral embroidery. Measures: 22" waist at the smallest, 23" waist as shown with the ties at typical width.  12.5" long in  front and 13.5" long in back.  Excellent condition!  

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study