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#4769 - c. 1922 CAROLYN REBOUX, Paris All Original "Pussywillow and Roses" Hat!  If you are a hat collector, you will know the rarity and importance of a labeled "Carolyn Reboux, Paris" hat!!  Practically starting at the top creating hats for Empress Eugenie and Princess Metternich in the 1860s and 70s, she then opened her Parisian shop and worked with many of the Parisian designers providing hats for their collections.  Considered one of the great milliners of all times, she is credited for  popularizing the cloche (soon after this hat of 1922 era) and was known for "structured simplicity".   Even though most of the silk lining of this hat is missing, the label is still firmly attached and it's guaranteed to be just that... as this is the way it arrived from a museum collection.  Other than the lining issue.. the only other things to mention is the slight indentation at the crown (I have no idea it is originally was round, but I just assume so) and the years of dust that would likely clean up to a bit of a lighter shade (again, that's just my assumption... this may be the original color).  So... assuming I'm wrong on both counts, the exterior of the hat is nearly flawless.  The pussywillow decorations are superb and the sweet silk pink rose is the perfect touch without being "too much".  Please don't wear this one... it's a museum piece!

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display