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#4722 - c. 1902 REDFERN, Paris Trained Evening Gown of Black Chantilly Lace and Heavily Trimmed in Black Paillettes! The label is missing, but the original model, in black lace over a white foundation, was photographed for Les Modes in March of 1902.  The workmanship proclaims that this is not a copy.  Evidently the client wanted a more conservative effect and requested that the gown be made over a black foundation.  The Chantilly lace has a distinctive design which is outlined with black paillettes, suspended on chains of tiny jet beads.  The massive train settles beautifully as the cotton lining is shorter than the lace, so you see the delicacy of the lace at lower back of gown!  Extraordinary design! The wide hem band  and the bodice are solid masses of paillettes.  This is a very heavy trimming for such a delicate fabric - the gown weighs 8 pounds!!!.... yet the condition is surprisingly still good, but please handle with care!  The paillettes due tend to fall off as the threads are old! I suppose the worse issues are there are tears in the Chantilly lace on the delicate sleeves, and many of the paillettes have hazed over.  This is not particularly noticeable under indoor lighting (they just look dusty), but I've been told that the hazing is quite noticeable in natural daylight and positively alarming under fluorescent light.  This according to the previous owner who displayed the gown in various museums throughout the USA.  So even with the issue, obviously still a Museum Quality garment! There is a mended area lost in the folds of the train, not visible unless the dress is turned inside-out.   Measures:  39" bust, 29-31" waist, up to 43" hips, 83" long from shoulder to hem at back of train. Again, an extremely heavy gown!  Price reflects condition. 

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display