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Thanks to Sue Langley... below is a hat from the same era....

#4603 - c. 1898 RARE YVONNE BERTHIER, 36bis Boulevard Haussmann, Paris Blue Velvet Hat with Glittered Bird Wings!! I don't think I've seen another like this in all my travels... except in books!  I even managed to impress Sue Langley (the author of the collector's "bible": Vintage Hats & Bonnets!) with this hat! Gorgeous blue velvet with good-sized brim front and bonnet back (that alone is rare).  Topped with more blue velvet loops backed with a blush peach grosgrain ribbon (minor splits of the peachy ribbon backing).  And then come those extraordinary wings which were covered with silver glitter.  I'm assuming some of the glitter is gone, but it's hard to know if they were entirely covered originally, or not... so I don't know how much glitter is gone.  Plenty left remains. I'm also assuming the ties are original... they seem to be.  Basically for a hat of this nature... Excellent condition.  I'm betting you won't find another one real soon.  This one came from a museum deaccession, which is where you will likely find others.  So unless you plan a museum heist... this is the place to fill in the gaps of your hat collection!! :) 

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display