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#4501 - c. 1915 Bright Purple Curly Ostrich Feather Fan with Applesauce Celluloid Sticks! This is the last of the very large feather fans I have. Fabulous color!! And those curly feathers are my favorite. I remember buying a curly feather fan years ago and the woman - who knew much more than I - told me that these curly feather fans were highly prized. I didn't need the sales pitch.. I was just smitten by the fan! Guess my taste hasn't changed. But that one was black.. THIS one is bright purple!!! The sticks are clear applesauce color (that's the name... really!) celluloid. Excellent condition. Measures: 17" tall x 26" at widest. Take an exotic dance class and dance behind this fan! :)

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study