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#4496 - c. 1927/28 Museum Quality Sequin Peacock Design Flapper Dress! Made in France or Belgium!  This dress will make your jaw drop.  Totally unique design in various shades of teals, grays, purples, black and gold... graduated in killer peacock design all emanating from the side waist circle of sequins. The design continues even through the gold sequins at the top and one side of the dress... they spared no expense in the creation of this piece!!  I would venture a guess that this was by a top Parisian designer.. but alas... no tag remains. This dress is very wearable, even though it's surprisingly heavy for a sequin dress... still much lighter than if the dress was beaded. I tried the dress on me at 33" bust and it looked great! Measures larger, but will look great on anyone from 33" bust - 38" bust!  Measures: up to 38" bust, up to 34" waist, up to 41" hips, 40-48" long from shoulder to hem.  On a tight woven cotton base.  Of all the flapper dresses purchased from this incredible European collection, this was the most expensive... by a long shot, but I just had to have it to offer it to you!!  Near mint or mint condition... I can't find anything wrong!  

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display