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#4076 - c. 1899 Navy Wool Twill "Military Inspired" Tailored Gown! As "Girlish" as the women's clothing was in the mid 1890's, at the turn of the century, for a few years anyway, the fashionable look became extremely tailored! A few years later, circa 1903, "Frilly" became vogue. So these very tailored gowns were only in vogue for 2-3 years. Too bad! Great look! :) Navy blue wool twill two-piece outfit with brass studs, ecru lace front bib, interspersed ecru flannel, with blue velvet trim. Fabulous military design! A Striking outfit... all she needs is a rakish matching hat and light beige leather gloves. A rich, understated look. The sleeve cuff detail is a classic look of the year. The only issue is that the velvet is a bit "rusty" at back skirt. Measures: 30" bust, 24" waist, 26" waist skirt, 24" ribcage, 42" long skirt.

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display