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SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display


( Sleeve close-up below is closest to the correct colors for this gown! )

#3876a - c. 1891 Afternoon Reception Gown of Olive Green Ottoman Silk with Matching Brocaded Cut Velvet! LARGE WEARABLE SIZE! Near MINT Condition! I wouldn't normally look twice at an olive gown... with my olive skin coloring... but... The color is prettier than in the photos... slightly less yellow (I hate my camera.. oh well).. See the close-up photo of the sleeve... that's the closest to the correct color! Anyway, this is exquisite! Only one word to use. Opulent!  Heavy ottoman silk for great weight forms the basis, but it's the brocaded velvet (like cut velvet) that raises this gown to the level of Worth Couture. Please look at the close-up photos! Small velvet hanging balls outline the wide cuff sleeves, and squared lapels. Bodice is also trimmed in black lace which echoes the black lace underbodice over ecru faille silk to "pop" the design. Near MINT condition, inside and out. And in a VERY wearable size! Measures: 40" bust, 37" bodice waist, 38" skirt waist, 42" long from waist to hem in front, 46" long from waist to hem in back. Note:  this is slightly lighter in the photos than the gown... in normal light it might appear brown, but it's obviously olive in brighter light.  A Masterpiece!!

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display

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