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#3843 - c. 1960's EMILIO PUCCI Silk Body Catsuit! Wear alone, or perhaps with a mini-skirt, or sheer overlay, or cover with lo-rise pants. Very versatile and amazing catsuit leotard. Fits like a second skin (ah, if only my mannequin had lower legs!). Fabulous colors and design that scream Pucci. Signed "Emilio" here and there on the print as you expect. Fabric is 80% nylon/20% spandex. Length: 57". Washable. Condition you ask? It's not perfect, but if you can find another, go ahead! :) There is a pull away under one arm (see photo) and some strange tiny marks on the bodice and leg (perhaps someone had appliqued something on at one point?). I'm not sure if it's slightly less elastic than it should be in the bust, or if it's meant to be that low, or it's just too large for my size 6 mannequin as she is falling out of it! Probably the point! :) You could always take up a bit at the shoulder straps if necessary. But I'm sure "he'll" talk you out of it! Price reflects the minor defects. Pucci is still HOT!

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display