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Three photos below show dress trains hiked up to top of zipper for ease of walking.
There is NO hook or anything designed for that, just a suggestion on my part!


# 3786 - c. 1950's HOWARD GREER, Beverly Hills Glorious Sage Green Silk Chiffon Red Carpet Evening Gown!  Many of you ask how I can sell all my great pieces. The stock answer is... "it's my job, so I have to try not to get too emotional about any particular piece".  However, every so often, it becomes extremely difficult to let something go.. like... oh god... this... amazing... wahhhhhhh!  I have been holding on to this for many years hoping to some day wear it myself.  But it really isn't the best color for my very olive complexion.  But would look awesome on just about any other skintone.  Howard Greer was a top Hollywood designer who was trained under Molyneux and Poiret. This gown is a masterpiece of sage silk chiffon which drapes up to the original rose decoration, and falls to side trains.  In some photos I have hiked up the trains to show what it might look like for easy walking.  Still fabulous! Back metal zipper. Fully lined. The gown is not in Mint condition, but it's close enough!  One of my all-time favorite red carpet gowns!  Issues: see photos to see one tiny spot on front waist, two small spots on scarf, fixable heel tear at edge of hem of other scarf, minor discoloration at hem of scarf, and the flowers are wilted! However this is a rare opportunity for a top Hollywood designer's majestic gown. I only wish I knew its history, and who the lucky starlet was who wore this! Measures: 32.5" bust, 24.5" waist, up to 35" hips, 54" long from shoulder to hem #3765.   

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study