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#3698 - c. 1912 Edwardian Trained Silk Embroidered and Beaded Satin and Chiffon Evening Gown! Extraordinary. I should just stop right there! If your heart doesn't race, and you're not breathing faster after seeing this gown, well... you can't call yourself an antique clothing lover! :) The extravagant embroidery in the Louis XVI style give this gown an elegance rarely seen. And I have never seen the high-fashion two-tone satins! Bright Pink and Bright Orange with the matching large massive passementarie decorations slightly hidden under the embroidered silk chiffon. Last time I had a piece with such amazing passementarie, was on the Couture Worth, Paris Velvet 30s Evening Coat... so who knows the pedigree of this gown! The price would be higher if perfect, but the inner lining is a replacement. The "Forsyth, Los Angeles, Cal" label is still intact on the petersham, but seems very likely this was a Parisian import. The chiffon embroidery is in Excellent condition, with one light round spot on the front chiffon, and one square shape sheer spot on the back chiffon. The only other issue is the right side of the upper back chiffon has been rolled under so you can see the under lining. OK.... I hope your breathing gets back to normal soon!!!
SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research / Study