Antique & Vintage Dress Gallery


#3522 - c. 1905 Black and Ecru Lace 2-Piece Gown with Light Blue Silk Trim and Sequins! This is what the love of antique and vintage gowns is all about. Lust! So beautiful it makes your teeth ache. And if you were given three wishes, the first one would be to travel back in time so you could wear gowns like this all the time. The second wish would have to be to be rich enough to have afforded gowns like these, otherwise you might go back in time as an upstairs maid.. now that just wouldn't do! The third wish? I will leave that one up to you. Black netting with all lace inserts of black and ecru lace with scattered black sequins. Bodice has sweet puff sleeves with ecru lace yoke and sleeve cuffs. 2-piece gown with lined bodice ready to go, and unlined lace skirt which needs an underskirt (you can see I did a lousy job of finding the right underskirt). I also added a black velvet ribbon belt which is not part of the gown. The skirt needs a new waistband. Someone put one on, but gathered it at the front sides rather than at the back where it should be gathered.
SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study