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#3451 - c. 1920's Flapper Headpiece with Embroidery and Bead Fringe!
Superb... and in a rarely found large size, so it must have been a fairly early 1920's piece prior to the rage of cutting one's hair into a bob to fit under the tight cloches. There is plenty of room to tuck the very long Edwardian hair up inside the gold metallic threadwork base. Around the net base are awesome turquoise and gold embroidered overlapping medallions. The beadwork makes this piece a cut above others I've seen. Hanging all the way around with additional embroidered beading on the front and back medallion. There are additional medallions on the top of the head. I see one spot where the metallic thread has been repaired along a one inch line and the repair was done with matching metallic gold thread which is a perfect match, so it's not obvious at all. The only "issue" I feel is that the medallions at top don't seem to be totally centered.
SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study