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#3356 - c. 1864-1921 EDE & SON Robe Makers, 94 Chancery Lane, London Men's Barrister Wig of Horsehair with Old Oval Wig Tin Box!  In amazingly fabulous condition!!  This wig looks practically like it would have when new!! The tin box shows it's age in the scratching and deterioration of paint, but other than that.... it's also in remarkably great condition. I apologize for displaying this on a female mannequin... although seems fair, as women have come a long way over these 200 years! :)  I don't believe the tin was the original for the wig as the tin is tagged "From J.F. Albin, Judicature Wig and Robe Maker, Essex Court Temple".  The name on the top of the tin box is "Frank ......, Esquire" (can't make out the last name). But the wig fits in the box as if it were made for it.  Ede & Son were the "Robe Makers to Her Majesty"!   I've been doing research on these wigs and found this tidbit... "In 1822, Humphrey William Ravenscroft, a London wig maker (who merged with Ede & Son in 1902), patented a new wig making technique which removed the need for curling and powdering, and which secured the tails. The curls were permanent and the wig could withstand being folded up in a tin without losing its shape or the curls."  So... that dates this to 1822 at the earliest.  I also just discovered that this wig has to be dated between 1868 when Ede and Son was first renamed, and 1921 when it merged and named Ede and Ravenscroft (still in existence in the same location!!). 

$ 1,800. SOLD

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study