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#3347- c. 1950's - 1980's MDE. ETOILE Graduated Colored Silk Chiffon Gown! I never thought I would find a gown that I love as much as the pink and green graduated chiffon Adolfo gown also for sale (unfortunately for most of us, that gown is a size 0). But I am so happy that I was wrong! This Mme. Etoile designed gown rivals that Adolfo! And most of you will like this a lot better since it's a wearable size. Once again, it's hard to date this gown. The zipper is plastic, so I would say 1970s-1980s, but it certainly has the look of a 1950s gown. Frankly the dating of this gown is not of great importance. It's the intense beauty that is of importance. As you see, it's a one-shoulder gown with side hand-stitched zipper. The material is a graduated silk chiffon tucked at the bodice and gathered at the skirt waist. So simple in design. So amazing in look. Three layered skirt. The colors look less intense in person... more muted... or perhaps it's just that you can distinguish the sheerness of the fabric in person and not in the photos. The other photos you see are more true to the muted look. Excellent condition. Only issue is that the one armhole is a bit high. Measures: 34/35" bust, 26/27" waist, 56" long from shoulder to hem. ONE OF THE BEST GOWNS YOU WILL SEE!!!!
SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study