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#3145 - c. 1880's The Total Eclipse Hourglass 21" Olive/Sage Green Corset with Original Ties... and Name/Address of Original Owner! Handwritten inside this corset is: "PLEASE RETURN TO J. ARCHBOLD LTD., 15 FENKLE ST., ALNWICK, NORTHld. I often thought I should just ship this corset back to this address! So, in my curiosity, I Google searched, and only found a hairdressing shop currently at this address in the UK. However... after more searching... EUREKA! I DID discover the likely original owner!! There was an unmarried Joseph Archbold who, in 1881, was living in Fenkle Street and was a "General Draper". Living with him in his home was his 45-yr-old sister Jane (unmarried), his 26-yr-old niece Josephine (unmarried) who was listed as "Saleswoman / Draper", and his 24-year-old niece Anne (unmarried) listed as "Milliner", and Martha Gilroy his servant. Joseph died on Feb. 7, 1897. His brother Henry was a "Master Tailor", AND it looks like another nephew ran the Angel Inn at 16 Fenkle Street in 1841! So... I'm sure I have the right family!! :) Ain't Google grand! :) So then I emailed the person who entered the info on the internet, and turns out it is a distant relative (!) who amazingly sent me this original July 1874 newspaper ad from Joseph's shop!!!! My only question is, "Why did Joseph think this corset might be lost?" Perhaps he actually ran a brothel.. and all those unmarried female "relatives" who lived with him were... hmmmm... and the nephew ran the Angel Inn next door... Hmmm. Perhaps his "girls" were known to leave their corsets in strange places! :) Anyway.. back to reality! The Total Eclipse corset with makers stamp is inside. Each half of the corset measures 10.5” by 13.5”, and 21 written inside. The stitching has been reinforced in front. I don’t know why this was done as the original stitching is still firmly in place. Original matching dyed lace decoration has been removed from the top (I am leaving the bit still there for history sake). Great condition. Original ties.


SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study