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#3052 - c. 1840-1860's J.B. Gregory & Co., Manufacturers, Newburgh Black Beaver Tall Stovepipe Top Hat! OK... pay attention here!  This is NOT one of those top hats that you will find everyday, nope....this measures a tall  7" from the bottom of the thin band to top.   And the thin band is itself rare as it has a small buckle at one side!  I'd love to know the exact year of this hat, but  this will give you a general idea.  Just think... this is back to Abe Lincoln days! Comes with the original cardboard hatbox (there is no top to the hatbox).  Measures: 22" inside, but fits more like 23" for some reason.. too large for my normal female head, but fits my boyfriend's head (he of 6'2"). Excellent condition with just extreme minor wear at the edge of the top (see photos).  The box is in quite good condition for its age... most of these were crushed or torn up over their 150+ years!! Original Civil War Top Hat - great for re-enactors and/or hat collection!

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display