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#3049 - c. 1940's Art Bern Hats by FRANK PALMA Wild Wearable Bird's Nest Pheasant Feather Hat! The most incredible hat I've ever seen (except for a few outrageous Bes Ben's)!  A total conversation piece! PLEASE look at all the photos... I couldn't figure out which one best showed the hat.  You really need to see it from all angles.  It's a, YUP... it's two baby birds with red beaks sitting in a bird's nest atop this pheasant feathered head-wrapped hat!!!! (FYI, for the PETA people... these are not real birds... just were made to look like ones!)  This hat is my personal favorite... and I've had it in my personal collection for a few years now.  It's time to show it off and send her on... but damn this one will be hard to say goodbye to! :(  I have no idea who Frank Palma was, but he was certainly an inventive milliner, and deserves recognition. I figure it's my job to show off his work!  Excellent condition.  Stays on by just wrapping around the head.

SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Display