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- c. 1970's
BOB MACKIE/RAY AGHAYAN All Bugle Beaded White Gown with Incredible Pearl, Rhinestone and Beaded Hemline! Here's some history for you. In 1963, Ray Aghayan selected Bob Mackie as his assistant on "The Judy Garland Show" for CBS. With Ray, Bob Mackie was nominated for Oscars for designing Diana Ross' costumes for the 1972 "Lady Sings the Blues", for the 1975 "Funny Lady" starring Barbara Streisand, the Broadway revival of "On The Town" and Carol Channing's costumes for "Lorelei". Now, you know that Mackie designed gowns on his own afterward for many of Hollywood's stars.. and then went into business designing for the public with his Ready-to-wear line of gowns, etc. So... This gown is an extremely early Mackie!! With the label, I believe that it is a one-of-a-kind costume gown, hand beaded and perhaps worn by one of the stars like Diana Ross (since the hips are such a tiny 32/33"... I am just guessing that..... since she would be one of the few able to squeeze into this gown! It's an incredible piece! Without doubt museum quality. Has a few lines of beading missing, but still 99.9% intact.
SOLD - but on display in Museum Category for Research/Study